Accepted articles

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Submitted articles

E Malone, BW Abbott*, M Klaar, C Kidd, M Sébilo, A Milner, G Pinay. Increasing soil water retention during post-glacial succession determines ecosystem-level δ13C independent of vegetation type and climate, Ecosystems (*corresponding author)

F Moatar, BW Abbott, M Meybeck, G Pinay, Biogeochemical and hydrological constraints on carbon, nutrient, and major ion discharge-concentration curves. (Water Resources Research)

M Larsson, BW Abbott, Ancient musical schooling: sounds of locomotion and the evolution of vocal learning, (Animal Cognition)

KS McDonald, G Garner, S Mika, BW Abbott, T Kolbe, A Marruedo, S Krause, DM Hannah, C Schmidt, J Fleckenstein, G Nutzmann, Strategies to integrate environmental complexity at groundwater-surface water interfaces in models: A meta-analysis and synthesis. (Environmental Modelling and Software)


Scientific reports

V Vergnaud-Ayraud, L Aquilina, T Labasque, BW Abbott, C Vauthier, JR de Dreuzy, T Kolbe, Z Thomas, L Ruiz, G Pinay (2015), Impact of the fractured reservoir on catchment response time: groundwater dating inputs. Comité Français d’Hydrogéologie de l’Association Internationale des Hydrogéologues, La Roche-sur-Yon.

P Good, J Lowe, J Ridley, JL Bamber, T Payne, A Keen, J Stroeve, L Jackson, Meric Srokosz, G Kay, A Harper, B Kruijt, E Burke, BW Abbott, F O'Connor, T Minshull, C Turley, P Williamson (2014), Post-AR5 literature review on large-scale systems with potential for abrupt and/or irreversible change, AVOID2,

J Sky, M New, SD Donner, JL Bamber, FS Chapin III, EAG Schuur, M Beniston, BW Abbott (2011), Dangerous climate change assessment project final report, U.K. Government, Met Office Website

BW Abbott, N Braithwaite, J Elsner, P Mason, J Randal, D Epstein (2009) Comparative limnological analysis of Cutler Reservoir and Dingle Marsh with respect to eutrophication, Bear River Watershed Information System, 1-70

Selected non-technical articles

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  • Other contributions:

BW Abbott (2010), Life in Fairbanks, UAF website

BW Abbott, R Morgan (2008), America's Greenest Hotels: Where luxury meets ecology, Forbes Traveler

BW Abbott (2007), The cost of living, USU Natural Resources Almanac

BW Abbott and SH Abbott (2003), Father Son Conundrum, Self published

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